Petroparc B.V. is an up-stream development and production company building a portfolio of oil and gas assets offshore The Netherlands. We develop and produce so-called marginal fields. These fields have often already been identified, appraised, analyzed and therefor present excellent proven opportunities.

Petroparc works with a team of experienced operators, legal experts, seasoned geologists, engineers and other contractors to tailor best in class solutions for every project. This is our ‘Circle of Support’.

Petroparc develops projects with conservative assumptions and a low cost structure, thus positioning itself on capitalizing opportunities


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Petroparc is a Netherlands based development and production company with the Dutch North Sea as its primary focus area. The Petroparc Circle of Support and its management team, has extensive knowledge and experience in carrying out development and production projects on the Dutch Continental Shelve and in building a successful company.

Momentum and Rationale

The future development of the North Sea’s marginal fields represents “a interesting market with unforeseen upside potential”, according to oil industry consultants. New technology will be key to enabling the exploitation of new and complex discoveries, which are generally smaller and often remote.

The Dutch North Sea is expected to become increasingly reliant on the development of smaller, marginal hydrocarbon reserves which will be exploited using high-tech-relatively low cost proven production systems.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands’ State energy company EBN is supportive of the development of new gas and oil fields offshore, considering the growing import of hydrocarbons in the foreseeable future. Favorable taxation of capital investments in drilling and production is helpful.

Marginal fields

Whether an offshore field is marginal depends upon oil and gas prices, subsurface characteristics and the proposed development plan. Timing is also an important influence. A number of oil and gas discoveries explored in the 1970’s and 80’s have not progressed into the development phase and but are deemed marginal due to discovery well productivity, distance to existing pipelines & platforms and due to the non-existence in the 1970’s and 80’s of modern fracking technology.

Part of the current oil and gas infrastructure on the Dutch North Sea is facing an upcoming end its economic life and operators are considering new technologies to try and delay abandonment by reviewing new technical opportunities to develop marginal fields, thus extending the lifecycle for their producing fields and infrastructure.


Petroparc understands Netherlands Laws and Regulations and acknowledges and respects its responsibility towards the health and safety of people and the environment. Petroparc adopts a pro-active approach necessary to act according to this responsibility. This is our basic rule of HSE.
For Petroparc’s contractors and subcontractors, adherence to this basic rule which is a requirement for working with our team.

Persons in our organization or working for or on behalf of the Petroparc have the same responsibility to act according to the basic rule of HSE. Petroparc uses a set of checks and balances focused specifically at our performance in terms of HSE. We constantly measure, evaluate and improve our methods, policies and actions where possible. Health and safety, be it personal or environmental, always prevail.


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